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April 03, 2008



From Zawahiri's 48pg translated interview:


“The first question: what do you expect to happen in Iraq after America’s withdrawal with Allah’s permission? And do the Rejectionist’s armed militias represent a worry to the Mujahideen? And how will the Mujahideen deal with these militias?

First: I expect the Jihadi influence to spread after the Americans’ exit from Iraq, and to move towards Jerusalem (with Allah’s permission). As for the militias mentioned, they have failed to eliminate the Jihad with the help of what is called the strongest power in the history of mankind, so will they succeed by themselves or with the help of Iran?

Evidently, the bad guys are banking heavily on Iraq's inability to defend themselves. And they are looking forward to the day that the US leaves. For then they see no obstacle in their path. They have promised the Awakening Council war to the death, or surrender and humiliation.

Also in the interview... their stated quests. Eliminate all Crusader, Jew and UN presence and influence in Arab lands. After that, they eliminate the "corrupt, apostate" Arab regimes who refuse to implement and rule by Islamic law.

My point? We'd all better hope and pray for success in Iraq. Because failure is looking like a really ugly option.

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